The National Community of Practice for Supporting Families is Expanding!

The National Community of Practice for Supporting Families of Individuals with I/DD is entering the final year of federal funding from the Administration for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD).

Since 2012, Connecticut, District of Columbia., Oklahoma, Tennessee, Washington and Missouri (as the demonstration state), have been working to build capacity through a community of practice across and within these states to create policies, practices and systems to better assist and support families that include a member with I/DD across the lifespan. Participating states have changed the front door into the system, improved cultural considerations in supporting families, guided and influenced policymakers and helped shape waivers and other Medicaid authorities to focus on supporting families and individuals throughout the lifespan. NASDDDS, along with the University of Missouri Kansas City Institute for Human Development, UCEDD, partnered to support states, work to impact national policies, develop products and tools, and provide technical assistance.

The NASDDDS board feels so strongly about supporting families and the success of the project, that they wanted NASDDDS to expand the Community of Practice to additional states. In December of 2015 that endorsed an expansion that would include up to twelve new states. The expansion officially begins July 2016.

Each new CoP state team will complete a self-assessment and develop a three-year work plan with technical assistance from the Project staff. Based on the three-year plan, states will develop policies that support family networks, provide family-centered support coordination, expand service available in the home and strengthen the role of families in all models of services.

The National CoP is proud to announce and recognize the following states who have expressed their commitment to enhancing supports to families and will be participating in the expansion:

  • Alabama
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Dakota

Graphic: Map of the United States with the original CoP states shaded in a dark purple and the expansion states shaded in lighter purple.

Welcome! We can’t wait to see what amazing things happen as a result of this expansion!

Rachel is the Media & Design Specialist on the Family to Family team at the UMKC-Institute for Human Development, UCEDD. She completed her Master's in Public Administration with an emphasis in nonprofit management at UMKC. She is proud to say she is a second generation AmeriCorps member! Her passion is where social justice and technology meet. Her specialty is making projects, programs, and organizations look good.

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