The Community of Practice and the New CMS Home & Community Based Services Rules

In January of 2014, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) made new rules for Home & Community Based Services. These new rules affect how states may provide home and community-based long-term services and supports.  States across the country are working on developing transition plans so states are providing HCBS that meet six standards:

  • Integration into the Community
  • Individual Choice
  • Individual Rights
  • Autonomy
  • Choice Regarding Services and Providers
  • Person-Centered Planning

The National Community of Practice has been working with the CoP states to figure out how to integrate the LifeCourse framework as well as Person-Centered Thinking into the way states are revising their policies and practices for supporting individuals with disabilities and their families.  The pre-session of the Annual Community of Practice meeting that will take place Wednesday, May 27, 2015 is focused on how states can use these two strategies in unison to help families plan and carry out steps for the lives they want.

The pre-session will help the Community of Practice think through strategies for incorporating the LifeCourse framework and Person-Centered Thinking, how to satisfy the new rules, and implementing and scaling

What are the New CMS HCBS Rules?

“The new rules make sure that:

  • Where people live or get supports, like group homes and day or job centers, really are in the community.
  • People get quality supports based on their needs and choices, and that their rights are protected.

States must follow the new CMS rules by 2019. Each state has created a Transition Plan that spells out what they plan to do to meet the rules.”
From Now We Can, The Riot

The latest issue of The Riot, Now We Can, from CoP National Partner HSRI, explains what the rules mean for people with disabilities in plain language. Read it here:

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