Innovations in Supporting Families Community of Practice Framework for Systems Change Webinar Series

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Join us for a FREE webinar series focused on innovative strategies to enhance the systems that support families of individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities.

Hear from national experts about innovative strategies related to the experience of individuals and families as they navigate through their life course and use supports to assist them.


This webinar series is for stakeholders interested in enhancing the systems and policies that impact individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities and their families, including:

  • self-advocate and family leaders,
  • leaders of community organizations and disability services, and
  • state and federal policymakers.



Webinars will be hosted live every other month (lasting approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes) and archived for later viewing on our website.




The Innovations series will resume after May 2017.

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Graphic: Washington state colored with LifeCourse Integrated Star colors, with the phrase "Alki" repeating in the backgroundJanuary 26, 2017
LifeCourse Tools in Action: Informing Families in Washington State
[ More info | Flyer PDF file | Presentation Slides PDF file | Archived Webinar ]







Graphic: LifeCourse family icon in center of state of DC, with a trajectory pointing toward the state of DC and LifeCourse Integrated Stars scattered across a blue backgroundNovember 2016
LifeCourse Tools in Action: Vision for Supported Families in DC
[ More info | Flyer PDF file | Presentation Slides PDF file | Archived Webinar ]



Graphic: State of Connecticut on top of a striped background with the LifeCourse life stage colors.September 2016
LifeCourse in Action: Scaling up the LifeCourse at Every Stage in Connecticut
[ More info | Flyer PDF file  | Presentation Slides PDF file | Archived Webinar]



Graphic: LifeCourse Circle (top right) feeding out a roll of video film, from the OK Good Life Video, in front of a map of the US, with Oklahoma colored in LifeCourse blue.July 2016
LifeCourse in Action: A Good Life for All in Oklahoma
[ More info | Flyer PDF file | Presentation Slides PDF file  | Archived Webinar ]


Graphic: A Megaphone, divided into three regions - one representing Community & Society, one representing Public-Private Partnerships, and one representing Eligibility-Specific SupportsMarch 2016
LifeCourse in Action: Reaching the “All” in  Tennessee
[ More info |  Flyer PDF file | Presentation Slides PDF file | Archived Webinar | CoP Innovations LifeCourse in Action Issues Brief PDF document]


January 2016
LifeCourse in Action: Implementation at All Levels in Missouri
[ More info | Flyer PDF file | Presentation Slides PDF file | Archived Webinar | CoP Innovations LifeCourse in Action Issues Brief PDF document]


Graphic; image of three buckets with the CoP circles logo in the background

October 2015
Technology and Strategies for Supporting Families: How is technology benefiting both individuals with disabilities as well as their caregivers?
[ More info | Flyer PDF file | Presentation Slides PDF file |  Archived Webinar | CoP Innovations Technology Issues Brief PDF file ]



Graphic: Conversation bubbles with LIfeCourse Graphics in them on a purple background

August 2015
Reframing the Conversation at All Levels: Tools for Change: How are states changing the conversation about supporting families?
[ More info | Flyer PDF file | Presentation Slides PDF file  | Archived Webinar | CoP Innovations Reframing Issues Brief PDF file ]



Graphic: Three arms holding hands in victory; one dark purple (representing the parent advocacy movement, one light blue representing the self-advocacy movement, and one light purple representing the sibling movement.

June 2015
We’re All in This Together: Uniting the Movements for a Good Life: How are the self-advocacy, parent, and siblings movements working together to enhance supports to families?
[ More info | Flyer PDF file | Presentation Slides PDF file | Archived Webinar | CoP Innovations Triad Approach Issues Brief PDF file ]


Graphic: LifeCourse Circle behind a gray door that is opening within corners of a camera focus

March 2015
Front Door to Long-Term Services & Supports: How can we make the the first point of contact families have with the service delivery system as family-friendly and informative as possible?
[ More info | Flyer PDF file | Presentation Slides PDF file | Archived Webinar | CoP Innovations Front Door Issues Brief PDF file ]


LifeCourse Framework | National Community of Practice for Supporting Families of Individuals with I/DD

January 2015
Overview of the LifeCourse Framework:
What drives the work of the CoP and how can it be used for systems and policy change?
[ More info | Flyer PDF file | Presentation Slides PDF file | Archived Webinar | Lifecourse Overview Issues Brief PDF file ]




Emotional/Navigational Peer Support: How can connecting families with other to getting support emotionally or in order to navigate the service system make a difference?

Person-Centered & LifeCourse Planning: How do these two national initiatives, which share many of the same goals and objectives, complement and support each other?

Medicaid Waivers and Other Funding Sources: How can we support individuals and their families in innovative ways with waivers?

Waitlist for Services: How can we use the LifeCourse framework to understand waitlists in states and understand families waiting for services?


Download the series flyer to print or share: CoP Innovations Webinar Series Flyer


Technical details

Webinars will be hosted using Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect requires the following:

  • Internet connection
  • Web browser
  • Adobe Flash Player version 10.1 or greater

Adobe Connect supports nearly any operating system, including Windows, Machintosh, Linux and Solaris, as well as the most widely used browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.  Quick start guide for first time users.

For questions or assistance connecting to the webinars, please contact or call 800-444-0821.