Person-Centered Thinking & the LifeCourse Framework – CoP Annual Meeting Pre-Session

Today, members of the Community of Practice state teams and national project leadership, representatives from AIDD, and invited guests from states like South Dakota and Texas convened to hold a conversation about Person-Centered Thinking and the LifeCourse Framework.

Attendees spent the first part of the meeting discussing the shared values and principles of the two ways of thinking. Then, the conversation moved into a more specific discussion about tools that can be used with families and how Person-Centered Thinking and LifeCourse tools can work together to help individuals achieve a good life.  Then, strategies for helping organizations embed the two ways of thinking into their policies and practices as well as build the capacity of staff to apply the thinking and use the tools in their daily work were explored.  The CoP is working to explore how the two ways of thinking can be integrated to make the most impact with families. Notes from the day will be compiled and compared for themes and connections between the different conversations that took place at the table discussions.

This conversation comes at a critical time, when the new CMS rules mandate that “service planning for participants in Medicaid HCBS programs under section 1915(c) and 1915(i) of the Act must be developed through a person-centered planning process that addresses health and long-term services and support needs in a manner that reflects individual preferences and goals.” CMS will provide guidance in the future as far as what the process for operationalizing person-centered planning means for state service systems.

View the notes from the session below.

2015 May LC PCP Pre CoP Meeting Notes

View photos from today’s session below.

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