Oklahoma’s Golden Circle: Supporting the Journey to a Good Life

Recently, the Oklahoma team facilitated a strategic planning session for a large group of stakeholders, from across the state and across sectors.  The purpose of convening the stakeholders was to talk about how they would push forward the agenda of supporting families so that all individuals and families can have a good life.

The team used the Golden Circle, a strategic planning exercise developed by Simon Sinek, to help the group come up with it’s Why.

Oklahoma's Golden Circle
Why: “We envision a state where families and communities are equipped to keep people with disabilities on a journey to a good life.”

How: The way we support good lives is by equipping people and their families with tools and information to define a good life on their terms and to understand the supports they need to get there.

What: We provide training and information to people with disabilities, their families and others who support them to allow them to identify supports to help them stay on a trajectory toward a good life and recognize when they are on a path toward a life they don’t want.  


Check out photos from their meeting below.


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