Missouri Quality Outcomes revised to support good lives for individuals with I/DD and their families

Today the Missouri Department of Mental Health Division of Developmental Disabilities announced that the Missouri Quality Outcomes have been revised and available for immediate use as a guide to assist the user with facilitating discussion around key areas of importance to the individual and supporting their personal goals, dreams and other areas of interest to the individual that defines quality of life.

The LifeCourse framework was instrumental in the revision of the Missouri Quality Outcomes, which hadn’t been updated in Missouri since 2000. Each outcome was lined up with a life domain from the LifeCourse.

Daily Life
Community Living
Social & Spirituality
Healthy Living
Safety & Security
Citizenship & Advocacy
Supports to Families

The Division created a document with all of the outcomes, which are accompanied with a description of the outcome along with “talking points” that assist users in determining if the outcome has been met and identify areas for improvement. These “talking points” are not all inclusive, but are used to aid in conversation with the individual and family members when applicable.

You can look at the revised outcomes here: http://dmh.mo.gov/dd/health/docs/missourqualityoutcomes.pdf

View the old quality outcomes Discussion guide here: http://dmh.mo.gov/docs/dd/qualityoutman.pdf

We are very excited about all the changes taking place across the country as a result of the Community of Practice and the development of the LifeCourse framework.

Rachel is the Media & Design Specialist on the Family to Family team at the UMKC-Institute for Human Development, UCEDD. She completed her Master's in Public Administration with an emphasis in nonprofit management at UMKC. She is proud to say she is a second generation AmeriCorps member! Her passion is where social justice and technology meet. Her specialty is making projects, programs, and organizations look good.

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