May Missouri Update: Sharing the LifeCourse across the State

LifeCourse Family Series

Graphic: Lifecourse family icon - person in center is highlighted and the other family members are behind them, faded slightlyThe Missouri state CoP team has been developing a curriculum called the LifeCourse Family Series. The series is comprised of six weekly sessions focused on introducing family members to the principles of the LifeCourse framework and helping them create a vision for a good life for their loved one. The first series was completed with families in the St. Louis metropolitan area, and there are plans for more offerings in the Kansas City and St. Joseph areas. Many family members who completed the first session in St. Louis reported that the information helped them change the way they think about the life of their family member.  Families also reported that the framework gave them hope and a vision for the future. The series provides an overview of the LifeCourse framework, and it helps families use the tools to create their own trajectory and vision. Stay tuned for more information on the series, as we will share the details as it continues to develop!


A Season for Change: Sharing the LifeCourse at the Statewide Self Advocacy Conference

People First of Missouri’s 2015 Statewide Self Advocacy Conference took place April 24-26, 2015. MOF2F/UMKC IHD staff presented two sessions at the event: What is a Good Life? and Planning for a Good Life.

What is a Good Life? was a basic overview of the principles the LifeCourse framework.  Rachel Hiles, UMKC-IHD, and Katie Kinder, People First of Missouri, presented the session.  They featured the Show Me the Good Life video and then used an interactive presentation based on the Price is Right game Cliffhanger to help session attendees understand the concept of the trajectory. The presentation focused on Frank, a 40-something bachelor who lives on his own. Attendees guessed whether life events or choices he made, others’ actions, and circumstances out of his control sent his trajectory up or down for matters like health, guardianship, and his social life.  Presenters received a lot of feedback about the style of the presentation, including the music and graphics.

Planning for a Good Life focused on matching supports to your vision to make a good life possible.  Rachel’s co-presenter was Marilyn Whittle from PFMO.  They introduced attendees to the principle of the Integrated Supports Star and then Marilyn shared her own star.  Attendees then played Supports Star Bingo.  The catch of Supports Star Bingo is, in order to win, players must have bingo either diagonally or horizontally, but not vertically in any category. The presenters received a lot of positive feedback and felt they learned more about the LifeCourse framework while they were getting ready for the presentation.

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Rachel is the Media & Design Specialist on the Family to Family team at the UMKC-Institute for Human Development, UCEDD. She completed her Master's in Public Administration with an emphasis in nonprofit management at UMKC. She is proud to say she is a second generation AmeriCorps member! Her passion is where social justice and technology meet. Her specialty is making projects, programs, and organizations look good.

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