LifeCourse Showcase: Using the #Trajectory and #Supports Star to facilitate #Transformative Change

Strategic Evolution of a Day Hab Program

This month, we’d like to share an incredible example of how one organization has been applying the LifeCourse to the organization’s activities and thinking and are taking it to the next level.

LOQW (Learning Opportunities Quality Works) serves approximately 600 individuals annually and employs over 100 staff. LOQW provides community skills training, employment services and service coordination in 14 counties Northeast Missouri.  LOQW has been very involved in the Supporting Families CoP movement in Missouri. The leadership of the organization quickly embraced the LifeCourse framework and began using it to offer tools to help staff plan with individuals and provide targeted case management. Then, LOQW began using the LifeCourse as framework for organizing their day-to-day and programmatic activities.  As LOQW has continued to apply the LifeCourse framework to their work with individuals and families, it has seeped into their organizational culture, which can be evident not only in how LOQW has changed the way they provide services but also in how staff are thinking in a different way about providing supports the community.

The below documents show how they are using the LifeCourse framework to strategically plan for evolving a day habilitation program into a community center.


Graphic: Screenshot of LifeCourse Trajectory worksheet used for organizational strategic planning at LOQW in Missouri.

Community Center Trajectory Worksheet

LOQW used the Trajectory worksheet to help them plot out a course to an inclusive center that brings cohesion to their community and offers individuals and families opportunities to explore new things, build skills, and enhance their role in the community.  They listed the activities and outcomes they wanted for the community center, outlined what they didn’t want for the center, and then they coupled the organizational contributions with a timeline to plot their trajectory to the transformation.

Trajectory worksheet PDF file


Individuals Live in the Context of their Family & Community


Individuals in context of Family & Community

Next, LOQW outlined their role in the community, thinking of the individuals and families they will come into contact with.  They will use the LifeCourse framework as a guiding structure for their programs and activities.

Integrated Supports Worksheet PDF file










Integrated Supports Star

Graphic: Screenshot of LifeCourse Integrated Supports Star worksheet used for organizational strategic planning at LOQW in Missouri.

Integrated Services and Supports for Community Center

LOQW then used the Integrated Supports Star Worksheet to plot out the skills and competencies of the ideal leader for the community center:
This tool will help define the search for the person to coordinate and guide the new Community Center. Ensuring that the Community Center operates with a culture that supports individuals and families think about how to work in partnership to support their vision for a good life. The Community Center should be a place that supports true community life engagement and enhances the culture of the community.

Integrated Supports Worksheet PDF file

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