Innovations In Supporting Families Webinar Series

On January 22, 2015, the National Community of Practice kicked off the Innovations In Supporting Families Community Of Practice Framework For Systems Change Webinar Series with Overview of the LifeCourse Framework.  Over 200 people logged on from over 16 different states, including our CoP states. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who participated.

One parent who watched the session said the presentation was affirming and reinforced her thinking at a perfect time: the transition from elementary to middle school.  The school is suggesting the ‘charted’ path and they are resisting it.  The mom plans to use the LifeCourse trajectory worksheet and the Integrated Supports Star to talk about what they want/don’t want as a family and have a discussion about how he could be supported to be a sixth grader. She shared that when they talk about what he wants when he grows up, he frequently talks about: “a blue house,” married, and work.  Sounds like they’ve already gotten a good start on figuring out the vision!

The family also said that the new worksheets outlining the times and types of supports Ben’s family uses really resonated with her, too.  She said it helped her think about supporting her son in school as more than having an aide attached to him all day.

Visit the following link to watch the webinar archive and view materials

The next webinar in the series, Focusing on the Front Door of Long Term Services to Enhance Supports to Families, will be on March 26, 2015 at 3pm Eastern Time.

More information about the series:

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