Focusing on policy and practices that impact ALL people with developmental disabilities: New Report from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Graphic: A triangle, with three quarters shaded purple, representing individuals with I/DD who do not receive formal services, and one quarter of the triangle shaded green, representing the 25% of individuals with I/DD served by the service system. Focusing on policy and practices that impact ALL people with developmental disabilities is one of the key principles of the LifeCourse framework, the framework that guides the work of the CoP.

Identifying other partners and systems that are coming into contact with the ALL is a very important. One thing we have learned as a result of the Community of Practice is that partners such as pediatricians and health care professionals should be a focus of any information and training efforts intended to enhance systems of supports for families. By helping these professionals understand their important role in the lives of the ALL, families will have supports in the many different environments they encounter.

This recently released report was written for pediatricians by their national association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, to help increase understanding of their vital role in supporting students in the school setting.  To read the article, visit

Graphic: Screenshot of New AAP report released about the IDEANew Report from the American Academy of Pediatrics: IDEA for Children with Special Educational Needs

It is estimated that 15% of children in the United States have a disability. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) entitles children with disabilities—from infancy to young adulthood—to a free appropriate public education through early intervention (EI) and special education services. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently published a report, including resources, that helps pediatric health care providers, in partnership with families, ensure that every child in need receives the EI and special education services to which he or she is entitled.






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